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The Lelit Bianca V2 is an espresso machine without compromises, with E61 group, manual control of the water flow and dual boiler. It gives the espresso enthusiast control over the brew temperature and pressure.

New on the “V2”:

* Economy mode: steam boiler off to save power
* Standby mode: coffee boiler off, steam boiler 80 degrees to save power
* Reserve mode: if the water tank gets low during an espresso shot the machine will continue to dispense the shot and then display a “fill water tank” warning (rather than stopping part way through the espresso shot)
* espress shot time is visible on the display for 20 seconds after the shot is dispensed
* maximum steam pressure is 135 degrees
* real boiler temperatures can be displayed


The Lelit Mara X is the most compact E61-equipped heat exchanger espresso machine in the world! This machine won’t take over the whole kitchen bench but will be able to keep up when the whole gang orders espressos, cappuccinos and everything in between.

It is also the only heat exchanger espresso machine in the world to have two temperature probes to ensure brew water is at the correct temperature while maintaining steam pressure as high as possible for easier milk texturing.


The performance of the new Lelit Giulietta X is sensational. The X is even better than the old version in terms of it’s stability. This is partially due to the re-design of its two heat exchangers and partially due to the clever digital temperature controller. The new digital temperature controller on the Giulietta X uses PID technology to keep the boiler at the correct temperature and also drops the temperature of the boiler after a period of non-use so that the brew water doesn’t overheat.

Pre infusion can be set for each volumetric button independently.

The Lelit Giulietta is a commercial coffee machine only 58cm wide hand crafted in Italy to produce authentic espresso with modern levels of consistency and reliability demanded by today’s professional baristas.